Compatibility By Synastry

The Trine

Trines occur between Signs that belong to the same element. They are uniformly placed 4 signs apart (i.e. 120 degrees). Signs of the same element are assumed to share similar basic psychological make-up, motivations and communication styles. It is also thought to be the most harmonious of aspects.

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The Sextile

Sextiles happen between alternate signs (i.e. 30 degrees apart), between elements Fire and Air, Water and Earth. If you are an Earth sign for example, you will only ever Sextile a Water sign, never a Fire or Air sign. Sextile is considered to be a harmonious aspect, that gives rise to an easy friendship between signs. Signs that sextile are thought to share a degree of similarity that allow them to appreciate each other's strengths and weaknesses.

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The Semi-Sextile

Semi-Sextile refers to "neighbours of the zodiac", signs that sit right next to one another. Semi-Sextile occurs between signs of incompatible elements e.g. Fire with Earth or Water. Since, the 12 Houses are thought to represent the evolution of human conciousness through 12 stages, every sign is thought to have traveled through the preceeding sign to reach its current stage of conciousness, and thus possess a special understanding and tolerance for the struggles of the preceeding sign. Zodiac neighbours are thought to have special lessons to learn from one another, although it is not considered the most harmonious of aspects.

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The Opposition

6 pairs of opposite signs are formed in the 12 signs, each pair 6 signs apart (i.e. 180 degrees). Like Sextiles, Oppositions are formed between compatible elements Fire and Air, Earth and Water, and also between the same quadruplicities i.e. Cardinal with Cardinal. Although it is thought to be a stressful aspect, since each pair of opposition represents 2 sides of a coin; there are some fundamental basis for compatibility between the 2, as they are formed between compatibile elements.

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The Square

Squares are formed between signs which are 3 signs apart (i.e. 90 degrees). Squares are formed between pairs of oppositions i.e. 1 horizontal and 1 verticle intersecting one another. As a result, Squares are formed between incompatible elements, but between the same quadruplicities i.e. Cardinal with Cardinal. Each sign will Square 2 other signs in the zodiac. Squares are thought to be stressful aspects where the signs have a lot to learn from one another.

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The Quincunx

One of the little understood aspects of astrology. Quincunxes are formed at an unusual angle - the 6th and 8th sign counting from the original sign. Quincunxes are basically formed between the original sign and a pair of Sextile signs, which comes before and after its opposite sign (i.e. 7th). For example, the opposite sign of Aries (1st) is Libra (7th), therefore, Aries will quincunx Virgo (6th) and Scorpio (8th), which sextile one another. Like semi-sextiles, quincunxes are form between incompatible elements. Quincunx triggers a feeling of uncertainty, because they usually represent an important lesson to be learnt in native's life.

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