List Of Aspects

List of Trines

Fire Aries (1st) Leo (5th) Sagittarius (9th)
Earth Taurus (2nd) Virgo (6th) Capricorn (10th)
Air Gemini (3rd) Libra (7th) Aquarius (11th)
Water Cancer (4th) Scorpio (8th) Pisces (12th)

List of Sextiles

Fire and Air Aries/ Leo/ Libra/ Sagittarius/ Aquarius
Earth and Water Taurus/ Cancer/ Virgo/ Scorpio/ Capricorn/ Pisces

List of Semi-Sextiles

Sign Preceeding Suceeding
Aries Pisces Taurus
Taurus Aries Gemini
Gemini Taurus Cancer
Cancer Gemini Leo
Leo Cancer Virgo
Virgo Leo Libra
Libra Virgo Scorpio
Scorpio Libra Sagittarius
Sagittarius Scorpio Capricorn
Capricorn Sagittarius Aquarius
Aquarius Capricorn Pisces
Pisces Aquarius Aries

List of Oppositions

  • Aries and Libra
  • Taurus and Scorpio
  • Gemini and Sagittarius
  • Cancer and Capricorn
  • Leo and Aquarius
  • Virgo and Pisces

List of Squares

Sign Squares
Aries Cancer & Capricorn
Libra Cancer & Capricorn
Cancer Aries & Libra
Capricorn Aries & Libra
Taurus Leo & Aquarius
Scorpio Leo & Aquarius
Leo Taurus & Scorpio
Aquarius Taurus & Scorpio
Gemini Virgo & Pisces
Sagittarius Virgo & Pisces
Virgo Gemini & Sagittarius
Pisces Gemini & Sagittarius

List of Quincunxs

Sign Quincunxs
Aries Virgo & Scorpio
Taurus Libra & Sagittarius
Gemini Scorpio & Capricorn
Cancer Sagittarius & Aquarius
Leo Capricorn & Pisces
Virgo Aries & Aquarius
Libra Pisces & Taurus
Scorpio Aries & Gemini
Sagittarius Taurus & Cancer
Capricorn Gemini & Leo
Aquarius Cancer & Virgo
Pisces Leo & Libra
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