Love Styles By Quadruplicities

1. Love Styles

1.1 "Love at First Sight" Cardinal Signs

(Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn)

Cardinal refers to intiation, thus Cardinal signs fall in love based on first impressions, they usually make up their minds rather quickly about their potential lovers. However, I must state that such impressions are usually accurate for Cardinal signs. Cardinals can instinctively sense whether a potential lover is suitable for them or interested in them. If Cardinals disobey their gut feelings, they should approach the relationship cautiously, because it could potentially turn sour, as Cardinals had forseen.

Cardinals like taking the intiative, pulling their weight in a relationship and showing their devotion to their partners. Cardinals are sometimes idealistic to the point of being misguided about love; they tend to think that a relationship will work as long as they strive hard enough, over-looking obstacles and inherent differences. In this, they might focus too much on their own feelings and underplay the role of their partners. As initiators, Cardinals might also be turned off by people who pursue them first, sometimes unfairly dismissing such feelings.

Cardinals look for security and equality in a relationship; they care about things like the division of labor (and sometimes, of love). If they were the ones who intiated the courtship, they require some form of acknowledgement or encouragement; they are unlikely continue their pursuit if their feelings were unreciprocated. Cardinals alternate between taking the active role and passive role; in order to acheive equilibrium, it is necessary for them to balance their innate need for control versus tendency to act coy sometimes.

1.2 "Unrequited Love" Fixed Signs

(Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius)

Fixed signs like being appreciated and adored, but they are more cautious in intitating courtship. They might take a while to assess and warm up to the people around them, thus when they fall in love, their object of affection might be unavailable or unable to reciprocate. However, Fixed signs are known for posessing the greatest patience and tenacity in love; and are unlike to give up their feelings easily. This could lead to steadfast devotion or simply stalkerish behavior. Fixed signs are intrigued by people who are unavailable to them; they are known to reserve their highest regard and esteem for those who fail to return their feelings.

Fixed signs might appear to be extremely giving during courtship, willing to go the unimaginable extra mile, but they also expect a lot from their lovers. They have a practice of concealing their true feelings, in order to test their potential lovers to see if they can meet expectations. They measure love by sacrifice and are less concerned with fairness on either side, than how far their lovers are willing to go for them and vice-versa. They might have a certain set of principles or priorities which they are unwilling to compromise, but they expect their partners to give in to them, as a proof of love. Thus, they might be accused of wanting to have their cake and eat it too.

Fixed signs seldom change course once they have made up their minds. They might take a long while to get over their feelings for someone, after the relationship has ended. They might persist in loving someone who remains unavailable to them. Their sentimentality for past memories, relationships, and friendships arising from old loves, could trigger the insecurities and jealousies of their current lovers.

1.3 "Love is not Everything" Mutable Signs

(Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces)

The title might be disputed by some romantic souls who secretly hanker after that perfect relationship, but I shall explain why. It is true that all Mutables are closet romantics when it comes to love, they are intensely idealistic about the notion of love, but - (here's where they differ from Cardinals and Fixed) - they are not so optimistic nor so persistent about the final outcome. Mutables are most aware of the gap between objective reality and romantic ideals. Although they might be swept off their feet at some point, they are quick to return to reality and adjust their expectations accordingly.

Outsiders might think that Mutables are rather rational in their attitude towards love; but to Mutables, it might seem as if objective reality constantly stand at odds with their inner romantic ideals. When it appears as if reality might be approaching their secret dreams and ideals, Mutable signs might feel compelled to maintain a physical, emotional or psychological distance, because they are afraid of reality disappointing them. They know or think that they know, they couldn't possibly have it so good.

The energy of Mutables is dissipated and not so strongly concentrated on any one area. There is always one other thing — either friendship, family, charity, philosophy, dreams or aspirations — that is just as important as love. After a while, their lovers might become frustrated by their scattered energy and attention, but any attempt at control almost always spells the doom for Mutable signs. They need a lot of room for movement, especially mentally; they would enjoy a loose but monogamous association, in which the fundamental feelings of love and faith are strong, but allows plenty of room for personal development.

2. Love Compatibility

2.1 Cardinal + Fixed Signs

(Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) + (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius)

Cardinals and Fixed signs both like having the final say, but Cardinals are likely to give in to Fixed signs, simply because Fixed signs are better at standing their ground. This is known as the King and General combination, where the Cardinals help to execute the general direction decided on by the Fixed signs. Cardinals like to do things for their loved ones and would probably like running circles around Fixed signs, just to keep them happy. For example, they might take care of the household so that Fixed signs will have a comfortable home to return to.

Problems arise when Cardinals feel that they are being taken for granted, or when Cardinals attempt to exercise control over Fixed signs. Cardinals are neither as steady as Fixed signs or as easy-going as Mutables. Fixed signs will orientate them toward being more easy-going, but after a while, Cardinals will swing in the other direction and attempt to take control of the situation. This could backfire on both Cardinal and Fixed signs, with Fixed signs refusing to budge and Cardinals feeling disillusioned by the lack of fairness.

Cardinals are middling strong signs with a marked sense of self-control and pride. They are likely to show their love by doing things for their lovers, rather than to express it verbally. Fixed signs might wish for greater expressions of affection, along with less fuss and less control. When Cardinals feel that their opinions are not appreciated; they might become resentful, believing that Fixed signs are under-valuing their efforts and taking them for granted.

By Aspects

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Aries- Leo Aries- Aquarius Aries- Taurus Aries- Scorpio
Libra- Aquarius Libra- Leo Libra- Scorpio Libra- Taurus
Cancer- Scorpio Cancer-Leo Cancer- Taurus Cancer- Aquarius
Capricorn- Taurus Capricorn- Scorpio Capricorn- Aquarius Capricorn- Leo

2.2 Cardinal + Mutable Signs

(Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) + (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces)

A lesser variant of the same problems between Fixed and Cardinal signs might occur here. Mutable signs commonly hate being pinned down to any one position, thing or person, but Cardinals are able to extract commitment because they don't mind making the first move. Cardinals do not demand a fixed stance from Mutables, they demand understanding, loyalty and allegiance, which are readily given because Mutable signs are able to appreciate many different point of views.

After a while, Cardinals will realise that Mutables do have their independent point-of-view — that is, the middle ground at all times, and start feeling short-changed on the count of loyalty and allegiance. Mutables will become frustrated by the bull-headed attitude of Cardinals — always 'Us versus Them', which they consider unobjective and polarising. Cardinals lack the confidence to stand by their opinions regardless; they seek external approval that would validate their opinions, and are shaken when it is not forthcoming. Together, Cardinals and Mutables might run into conflict, without either party providing a clear sense of direction for resolution.

However, the relationship between Cardinals and Mutables are likely to appear outwardly smooth-sailing, due to the communicative flexibility of both signs. Only the parties involved are aware of the instability inherent in the relationship, which functions somewhat like a ship without an anchor.

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Trines Sextiles Semi-Sextile Quincunx (8th » 6th)
Aries- Sagittarius Aries- Gemini Aries- Pisces Aries- Virgo
Libra- Gemini Libra- Sagittarius Libra- Virgo Libra- Pisces
Cancer- Pisces Cancer- Virgo Cancer- Gemini Cancer- Sagittarius
Capricorn- Virgo Capricorn- Pisces Capricorn- Sagittarius Capricorn- Gemini

2.3 Fixed + Mutable Signs

(Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) + (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces)

This is a union of the complementary and opposites. Fixed signs are all about unwavering conviction and Mutable signs are all about ambivalence and both sides of the story. The world exist in black and white for Fixed signs; but only in shades of gray for Mutables. Theoretically, this combination should work well, with Fixed signs supplying the conviction and Mutables injecting some flexibility and objectivity into the union.

Socially, Fixed signs get along with Mutables swimmingly. Mutables are easy-going and communicative; their ability to see things from many perspectives and adroitness, translates into social poise and ease. They have a gift for creating relaxing social environments where Fixed signs can express their strong opinions without causing any hard feelings, which endears them to Fixed signs tremendously. Fixed signs are also attracted to people whom they cannot understand or control easily, and Mutables fall into that category.

However, trouble begins when Fixed signs attempt to impose their ideas on Mutables. Mutables are equipped with a kind of tactile, intuitive understanding that is missing from Fixed signs. They can easily see both sides of the story and believe in them; while Fixed signs will champion only one argument even when they (rationally) understand both. Mutables might castigate Fixed signs for narrow-mindedness; while Fixed signs privately despise Mutables for a lack of conviction - which they equate with personal integrity.

Mutables could win any argument, by simply sounding more reasonable or walking away; their partnership will dissolve wordlessly, because Fixed signs equate losing to betrayal. Yet, they might be repeatedly drawn together through mutual admiration (social poise versus inner conviction); and because Fixed signs never give up any possibility of winning, while Mutables have already forgotten and forgiven the bad blood between them.

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Leo- Sagittarius Leo- Gemini Leo- Virgo Leo- Pisces
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