Sun Sign And Cusps Dates

Sun Signs

Sign Dates House Meaning
Aries 21 March- 19 April 1st or Ascendent Personal Style
Taurus 20 April- 22 May 2nd Material Posession
Gemini 23 May- 21 June 3rd Communication
Cancer 22 June- 21 July 4th or Imum Coeli Home
Leo 22 July- 23 August 5th Love
Virgo 24 August- 22 September 6th Service, Devotion, Responsibilities
Libra 23 September- 23 October 7th or Descendent Marriage, Intimate Union
Scorpio 24 October- 22 November 8th Shared Resources, Sex, Death, Rebirth
Sagittarius 23 November- 21 December 9th Higher Learning
Capricorn 22 December- 20 January 10th Medium Coeli The World
Aquarius 21 January- 19 February 11th Friendship
Pisces 20 February- 20 March 12th Subconcious

Cusp Dates

Cusp Transition Influence (+6 or 7 Days) *
Pisces-Aries 20-21 March 21-27 March
Aries-Taurus 19-20 April 20-27 April
Taurus-Gemini 22-23 May 23-30 May
Gemini-Cancer 21-22 June 22-29 June
Cancer-Leo 21-22 July 22-29 July
Leo-Virgo 23-24 August 24-30 August
Virgo-Libra 22-23 September 23-30 September
Libra-Scorpio 23-24 October 24-30 October
Scorpio-Sagittarius 22-23 November 23-30 November
Sagittarius-Capricorn 21-22 December 22-29 December
Capricorn-Aquarius 21-22 January 22-29 January
Aquarius-Pisces 19-20 February 20-27 February

*Note: Actual Cusp Dates or the existence of Cusps are debatable. Some astrologers argue that actual Cusps are non-existent because there is one clearly defined moment of transition.

Different astrologers might adopt slightly different transition dates. If you're born on a transition date, you have the luxury of choosing your Sun Sign…kidding. Your natal chart will give you your exact Sun Sign.

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