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What is Astrology Delicatessen?

A website focusing on astrology. Any re-intepretation, re-mythologising, anecdotes and comparisons are welcomed. This is not an authoritative take on astrology, but as a fun exercise for anyone who is interested and have something to say. Other parked astrology wikidots by other owners include: astro.wikidot, astrology.wikidot and zodiac.wikidot, none of them are fully up yet.


Cafe Astrology This info-rich site is good for overview of astrology.
DK Foundation This website provides a great explanation of the various Houses.
Les Femmes Cafe This website manages to do compatibility matching for various decantes. Although it is primarily written for female pairing, it can be extrapolated to suit anyone. Good read for those are familiar with astrology.
Novareinna This provides a very, extremely, detailed description of the various decantes, cusps AND Sun/ Moon combinations. A bit of an information overload but a fine read.
Songs Domain Linda Goodman's compatibility for signs is classic!
Wikipedia This is where I derived some of the information for basics of astrology. Informative if a little dry.

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